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Check for Insecure Links

Installing an SSL certificate and configuring a website for HTTPS is an extremely challenging task. That's because you're not just configuring the server for encrypted connections, you're essentially redirecting every single page and asset to HTTPS. For larger sites with massive infrastructures, this can be a nightmare-heck, it can be a nightmare for even small sites.

After you've done everything, you've redirected every page, every image, every asset-it's troubling to see your site still isn't displaying the correct visual indicators. After all, you want your visitors to see that you've made an investment in their security. So why isn't the padlock showing up? Why isn't your website marked secure?

Let's Check for Insecure Links

The purpose of the Why No Pad Lock is to quickly check your URL to ensure there is no insecure links found on your site. Insecure links on your URL will cause your security lock to display incorrectly or not display at all.

If you feel your website is not displaying the proper security lock, the Why No Padlock tool is just for you! By simply entering your URL into the box below, you can instantaneously check if there are ANY insecure links found within your URL.

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